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Revitalization Inc.

REVITALIZATION Inc. was formed in Prague in February 2004 to respond to the historic enlargement of the EU and to the unsatisfied demand for fast, efficient and, above all, complex financial services for businesses and investors.

REVITALIZATION Inc. represents most important american financial group Merrill Lynch's investors from their extensive customer's portfolio.

Scope We at Revitalization Inc. focus on what matters most in any competitive environment: ideas, plans and projects, thought and speculation, prognosis and forecasting.

Services Revitalization Inc. responds to current needs of businesses minimizing project-inherent risks by combining investment resources and EU funds. This is one of the possibilities how to fulfil long-term investor expectations and to secure projects of recepied feasible.

The Purpose All we do is explained by our name: REVITALIZATION. In most languages revitalization stands for CHANGE, RECONSTRUCTION, doing things in a NEW WAY, mainly in economic terms.

The Reality of EU’s historic enlargement has created an ideal economic and legislative framework for success and viability of this global project. Revitalization Inc. comprehensive scope of services has been primarily designed to assist new Member States, to create an economic BRIDGE that will, on one hand, enable major American investors to develop chances and offer opportunities for new, effective investment and, on the other hand, create a platform for European private and public clients to present their projects.

The Objective of Revitalization Inc. is to provide a comprehensive scope of services and guarantees for investors and project sponsors. The company Revitalization Inc. is where promising European projects will find suitable lenders and investors will find good projects.

The Role of Revitalization Inc. may go far beyond mediating the partnership between investor and project sponsor. We have restructuring experts, project managers, marketers and more to help you at the preparatory, implementation or finalizing stages of your project, including the creation of synergies from bringing together projects and financial resources, facilitating approach to European structural and other funds.

Summary of services we offer:

  • Comprehensive investment consulting
  • Project consulting , drawing up turn-key projects based on US investment rules
  • Providing project guarantees
  • EU fund usage consulting, EU fund and investor combination

We are looking forward to work with you!

Revitalization Inc.
Miroslav Kabat
Chairman of board of directors

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