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Do You need to find an investor for Your project ? Worked the methodic CIBC !

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This pursuivant of the business and financial plan has as an aim the help by review of Your company and define it´s next direction. This plan is also very useful for your bank. This bank should better understand Your company. If we recognize Your´s business purposes, we should help Your´s company by satisfying of the needs.

Why is the plan necessary ?

The plan, which You worked , should be the best source of informations for the bank. Whenever You definite Your´s business aims and when You clarify, which of the financial system You need, here is one possibillity : By the contact with CIBC choose from the bank-products which are suitable to Yours needs – and theres no metter if it´s concerned the financial streerage, capital assets or trusts. If the serve is the purpose of the plan for the financing indemnity, there will be important to compile the roundup of the past financial economy.

The scheduling is evidently the most important part of the managerial work. It needs the objective look on the each aspect of business inclusive the problems and obstructions on the way to reach the aims. Here is necassary to know advantages and disadvatages of Yourselfs. The scheduling may help by the obstruction overcoming, if the appreciation of the company advantages will be done. If the „financial picture“ of Your company will be worked, and sequintially be very carefully and detachedly looked over future chances, You should be better prepare to flatten with future dares.

Each plan needs frequent revisions. The scheduling is the dinamic process of changes-directing. Subserve own mission in the variable environment of the market means for the company continually check own strategy and flexily react on every needing´s changes.

Please remember, that the business plan is something like a map of company. What is invaluable on this map – it helps to recognize how do you feel and see Your own company and how to show it to banks, investors and more partners.

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