• 1 A foundation of the HelvetiaTeam
  • 1.1 Revitalization - process
  • 1.4 Bolthorn Company as a new member of HelvetiaTeam
  • 2 Current activities of HelvetiaTeam
  • 2.1 Dreaming Baby - children’s car seats
  • 2.2 Science in practice
  • 1 A foundation of the HelvetiaTeam

    Revitalization – an investment corporation. The project HT has started thanks to the support of the mediate investments and its development still continues being controlled by the company RVT so as to all the activities are under the coordination according to the project agreed by the investors. By the conception HT is meant a strategic development of a textile production and confection in the Czech Republic.

    HelvetiaTeam is a relatively new project which started during the autumn 2005. It involves a connection of the strong production companies, an investment company and a marketing and business company. This venture notably increases the competitive advantage on the market.

    HelvetiaTeam is a team of stable and perspective Czech companies. Every member of this team can go upon a deep tradition and experience of professionals and fully skilled employees working longtime in textile manufacture, knitwear production, clothing industry, metal producing and development.

    » 1.1 Revitalization - process »

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